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Where are my folders after migrating to Microsoft 365?

After we migrate you from Media Temple Mail to Microsoft 365, you might not see your email folders in the same place in Microsoft 365. Don't worry - your emails and attachments are safe and stored in an archive mailbox called the In-Place Archive.

Where do I find my In-Place Archive?

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Outlook or Outlook on the web.
  2. If you don't see your Media Temple Mail folders, locate your In-Place Archive.
    • If you're using Outlook on the web: Select the inbox called In-Place Archive – [Your Display Name].
      in place archive in outlook on the web
    • If you're using Outlook: Select the inbox called Online Archive on Mac or Online Archive - [Your Email Address] on Windows.
      in place archive in outlook on mac
      in place archive in outlook on the windows

Your In-Place Archive will contain your legacy Media Temple Mail folders and their contents.

Why are my folders in an In-Place Archive?

For most customers, we move your emails into an identical folder structure in Microsoft 365. But if your Media Temple Mail account exceeds the Microsoft 365 size limit, we move your legacy Media Temple Mail folders, and their contents, into an In-Place Archive.

Note: You can move or copy messages between your primary mailbox and the archive mailbox. To recover deleted items from the Recoverable Items folder in the archive mailbox, use the Recover Deleted items tool.

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