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Free Websites + Marketing training tutorials

Each tutorial will help you reach specific milestones for your site: Get started with a simple one-page site that helps your business surface in Google's search results. Sell products with a fully functional online store. Build a multi-page site. Or, Move an existing store to Websites + Marketing.

Currently, the training tutorials are only in English. Other languages will be added later in 2023!

Get Started

Get Started

In less than an hour we'll help you create a site you'll be proud to publish.

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In this tutorial, we'll walk you through creating a one-page website. Once you're feeling confident with the tools, we can dive into adding pages and expanding your site from there.

This tutorial shows you how to:

  • Set up your website builder
  • Create a beautiful header (or, you know, the pretty part)
  • Write a description of who you are
  • List what you offer
  • Display your contact information
  • Publish the site you've built on a custom web address (or domain)
Sell Products

Sell Products

Sell your physical or digital products with our intuitive e-commerce tools.

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This tutorial unpacks how to use Websites + Marketing's e-commerce tools to showcase and sell your physical or digital products. We'll teach you the basics, and once you're ready to go live, we'll make sure you're ready to process that first transaction.

In 6 short lessons, you'll know how to use Websites + Marketing to:

  • Create product listings for your store
  • Promote those products on your website
  • Configure and charge the correct sales tax
  • Take payments, send order confirmations, and process refunds
  • Set up your shipping methods and communicate your policies
  • Test and launch your e-commerce store
Build a Multi-Page Site

Build a Multi-Page Site

Make your business shine across multiple pages.

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A multi-page website might sound intimidating, but it'll give you the space to express just how special your business is to your visitors.

We'll guide you through:

  • Planning your pages
  • Organizing page navigation
  • Adding and optimizing valuable content sections
  • Getting found on Google
  • Protecting yourself and your website
  • Publishing your website

It's an ongoing journey to find your company's unique identity and voice, and translate it into a well-crafted website. Thankfully, we know a thing or two about making great websites.

Move an existing store

Move an Existing Store

We keep it simple so you can focus on the important things - moving your store, importing your products and migrating your customers.

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Take advantage of all the ways that Websites + Marketing makes setting up and managing your store a breeze.

We'll guide you through:

  • Adding products and services to your online store
  • Setting up your payment processor
  • Getting set up for shipping
  • Charging the right sales tax
  • Managing your existing customers
  • Creating rewards and incentives
  • Connecting to social media

Moving is also exciting! It's a new adventure and a new look for your store. We want your customers to be as excited about it as you are. Come with us as we help you get settled in.

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