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.CN real name validation accepted documents

To complete real name validation for .CN domain names, you must provide us one of the following types of documents based on your country/region of residency or registration.

Note: We can currently only accept .jpg file format for uploaded documents.

Country/RegionTypeDocuments accepted for Real Name Validation
  • ID card of China
  • Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card
  • Officer’s identity card
  • Organization Code Certificate
  • Business License
  • Certificate for Uniform Social Credit Code
  • Military Code Designation
  • Military Paid External Service License
  • Public Institution Legal Person Certificate
  • Resident Representative Offices of Foreign Enterprises Registration Form
  • Social Organization Legal Person Registration Certificate
  • Religion Activity Site Registration Certificate
  • Private Non-Enterprise Entity Registration Certificate
  • Fund Legal Person Registration Certificate
  • Practicing License of Law Firm
  • Registration Certificate of Foreign Cultural Center in China
  • Resident Representative Office of Tourism Departments of Foreign Government Approval Registration Certificate
  • Judicial Expertise License
  • Social Service Agency Registration Certificate
  • Private School Permit
  • Medical Institution Practicing License
  • Notary Organization Practicing License
  • Beijing School for Children of Foreign Embassy Staff in China Permit
Hong Kong/Taiwan/MacauIndividuals
  • Residence permit for Hong Kong, Macao residents
  • Residence permit for Taiwan residents
  • Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card
  • Passport
  • Travel passes for Taiwan Residents to Enter or Leave the Mainland
  • Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao
  • Overseas Organization Certificate
All other countries/territoriesIndividuals
  • Passport
  • Overseas Organization Certificate

Individuals or organizations who cannot provide the country-specific documentation listed above cannot complete real name validation to host a website or email on .CN domain names.


  • Color Image
  • Un-altered document/ID
  • One inch border around all edges of the document/ID
  • Provide only the front of one document/ID, front and back or multiple documents/ID's will be denied
  • If the document/ID only displays the name in Chinese, the name will also need to be entered in Chinese
  • If the registrant is foreign (not Chinese) and the name contains special non-English characters, CNNIC cannot process the registration. The only option is to provide a registrant name without special characters

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