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Take a screenshot or record steps

Here are links to the steps you need to follow to take a screenshot or record your screen. Be sure you're following the links for your operating system: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, or Linux.



  • Use the macOS built-in tool to get a screenshot of the full Mac screen, part of a screen, or a single window.
  • To record your screen, use QuickTime Player. Be sure you select your macOS version at the top of this Apple support article for accurate instructions.



Linux (screenshots only)

  • Select Print Screen (Print Screen, Prnt Scrn, prt sc, or PrtScn) on your keyboard. The screenshot is saved as a .PNG file in your /Pictures folder.
    • To capture only your active window select Alt before selecting Print Screen.
    • To capture a specific section of your screen, select shift and PrtScn, and then click-and-drag to select an area.

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