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Dedicated Servers end of life

All Dedicated Servers will be retired, and when possible, migrated to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). VPS offers comparable performance (CPU, RAM and Storage) in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific at the same or lower price.

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What are the benefits of a VPS?

With a GoDaddy VPS, you'll get:

  • Automated backups
  • Manual snapshot backups
  • SSD or NVMe storage
  • Easier ability to upgrade and scale your server
  • The same or lower price

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What should I do next?

We strongly recommend you take this opportunity to proactively migrate yourself to a VPS. We're offering a 1 month free coupon for a new VPS to migrate and test the new environment. Contact our GoDaddy Guides to ask about this free coupon.

If your server uses a control panel and you want to proactively migrate, check out the Transfer Tool from WHM or the Migrator Extension from Plesk.

Note: After you've successfully migrated and tested your new server, turn off auto-renew for your Dedicated Server to avoid paying for two servers.

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Yes! Contact our GoDaddy Guides and ask about our one-time content migration service or our Fully Managed Support Team.

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What if I don’t proactively migrate?

If you choose not to self-migrate, we'll attempt to automatically migrate your server to VPS. Migrations are expected to begin in July 2024. You'll receive an email with your migration date at least five days in advance, and we'll be unable to delay your migration.

Note: There may be instances where some Dedicated Servers cannot be automatically migrated.

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Will there be downtime when automatically migrating my server?

Because of the many factors that can affect a migration (for example, disk usage, installed applications, or operating systems), we're unable to provide an estimate of downtime. But we'll do our best to keep downtimes as low as possible. For Dedicated Servers that use:

  • Linux: Minimal downtime is expected.
  • Windows: There may be extended downtime. If you want to avoid this, we recommend proatively migrating to a VPS.

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What VPS plan will I be migrated to?

Most Dedicated Servers will be automatically migrated to a preassigned VPS. You can find your Dedicated Server plan name in your GoDaddy account.

Dedicated ServerVPS
DS-328vCPU / 32GB RAM / 400GB DISK
DS-6416vCPU / 64GB RAM / 800GB DISK
DS-128 or DS-25632vCPU / 128GB RAM / 1.5TB DISK
Note: If your Dedicated Server needs to be migrated a higher VPS plan, your renewal price will still remain the same or decrease after migration.

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Where can I find my Dedicated Server plan name?

  1. Sign in to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. In your My Products page, select Servers.
  3. Next to the Dedicated Server you want to use, select Manage.

In the top-left you'll see the name of your Dedicated Server plan.

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Will my price change?

Renewal prices will remain the same or decrease after migration. Once migrated, you can view your new price on your Renewals & Billing page.

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Can I keep my IP address?

  • IPv4 address: We’ll do our best to retain IPv4 addresses during our automated migrations. If we're unable to retain your IP address, you'll receive an email notification with a new IP address.
  • IPv6 address: We'll be unable to retain IPv6 addresses.

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Will anything change with email?

There are a few differences between the email configurations of Dedicated Servers and VPS.

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What if my storage usage exceeds the limit of my new VPS plan?

We’ll do our best to identify your largest directory and mount extra storage at an additional cost based on the amount of space required. The total price of your VPS and additional storage space will not exceed the current price of your Dedicated Server.

If you're on a Windows Server and using more than 1TB of disk space, you'll need to proactively migrate or audit and reduce your disk usage to below 1TB for us to automatically migrate.

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Is virtualization allowed on VPS?

No. Virtualization like VMware, VirtualBox, KVM, Docker, or Hyper-V is not possible. We'll do our best to identify and notify Dedicated Servers using virtualization. If you receive this notification and wish to be migrated to a VPS, you must remove virtualization.

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What if Nydus is not working?

We'll do our best to repair Nydus and migrate your server. If we're unable to migrate your server, you'll need to repair Nydus or proactively migrate.

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What if GoDaddy can't automatically migrate my server?

Due to the complexity involved, we can't guarantee all automated migration attempts will be successful. If your server can't be automatically migrated, we'll notify you about 1 month before your deletion date. As a part of this process, these servers will also be suspended about 1 week before their deletion date. Servers that receive a deletion notice are strongly recommended to proactively migrate to a new server as soon as possible.

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