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Editing WooCommerce emails

In Managed WordPress Ecommerce and Managed WooCommerce Stores, you can edit both the content and the style of your core emails. To edit the style, you’ll want to edit your WooCommerce template by following the instructions outlined here.

To edit email content, first you'll need to find the relevant email in your Wordpress Admin.

  1. Sign into WordPress.
  2. Go to Marketing and select Emails.
  3. Select the Emails tab.
  4. Find the desired email and click on the title to pull up its settings.

In the sections below, we'll be discuss the options available in both the Settings and Content tabs.

Email Settings

Email settings allow you to edit an email’s subject line and preview text. For admin emails, you can also add the list of recipients.

Subject line

Write a catchy subject line. You may use any of the available placeholders listed at the bottom of the editor. These placeholders will dynamically update when the email is sent. We recommend a 100 character limit for subject lines.

  • Example: Order {order_number} has been placed
  • Customer sees: Order 123456 has been placed

Preview text

Preview text is used by some email service providers as a preview, instead of using the first few lines of the email. This may increase your open rate. You may also use the available placeholders. We recommend a 150 character limit for preview text.

  • Example: Your order has been placed on {store_url}. Here is an overview of your order.
  • Customer sees: Your order has been placed on Here is an overview of your order.


Recipients are only available for admin emails. This is the list of email addresses to which your email will be delivered when triggered. You must add at least one address and may add additional comma-separated email addresses.

Email Content

You may edit the default email heading and add additional content to the default WooCommerce email content.


Your heading will be displayed at the top of your email, in the heading section. You may use any of the available placeholders in your heading.

Additional content

You may add additional content to your WooCommerce email. You may also use any of the available placeholders.

Rich text

For both your email heading and additional content, you may use HTML tags to customize the appearance of your text. Note that you can edit the look of your email by customizing the email template. To edit a specific piece of text, you can use the following HTML tags:

  • Bold tags ( <b> and <strong>)
  • Italic tags ( <i> and <em>)
  • Underline tags ( <u> and <ins>)
  • Strikethrough tags ( <s>, <strike> and <del>)
  • Hyperlink ( <a href>)
  • Small text ( <small>)
  • Subscript and superscript ( <sub> and <sup>)
  • Lists ( <ul> and <ol>)
  • Line break ( <br>)
  • “style=” tag, within an HTML tag (ex: <p style=”font-family:Arial”></p>)

For instance, if your additional content looks like this:

Your order has been received and is now <b>being processed</b>. We’ll send you further updates as <a href=””>the status</a> of your order changes. <i>Thank you</i> for shopping with us.

Your customer will see:

Your order has been received and is now being processed. We’ll send you further updates as the status of your order changes. Thank you for shopping with us.

If you’d like to reset your email to the WooCommerce defaults, click on “reset”. Note that the default won’t contain any of your own changes, even if you previously saved them.

Once you’re satisfied with your changes, make sure to save your email!

Note: If you have existing customized PHP templates for your emails, using our email editor will override your custom templates. Before saving, please make sure this is what you want to do. Note that your code will remain intact in the relevant PHP file.

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