8 lessons, 38 total minutes

Discover Your Niche

Do you know who you serve best? Take this GoDaddy Pro Academy course to discover how to narrow your offerings to a specific niche and stand out from your competitors.

Discover Your Niche Title 1

Get more clients and referrals by discovering and defining your niche. In this eight-part mini-course you will learn:

  • Different categories of what makes up a niche
  • How you can use your past experiences to gather which niche is right for you
  • How to create your ideal client profile
  • Where to find your niche online
  • What you can learn from listening to your niche
  • How to build your unique value proposition, sales page language and proposals
  • How to offer content, including guest blog posts and lead magnets to attract more clients
  • Leveraging a network to allow you to niche more boldly

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