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Create a discount link

With your Managed WordPress Ecommerce plan, you can create discount links in your store that automatically apply a coupon and products to a shopper's cart. You can apply this coupon using a unique URL or when a user visits an existing page on your site. Any discount links you create will obey all coupon settings and restrictions.

  1. Sign in to WordPress
  2. Go to Marketing > Coupons.
  3. Select Add Coupon (or select Edit to edit an existing coupon).
  4. Select the Discount Links tab.
  5. Check the Apply via URL box.
  6. Choose whether to Apply coupon when a user visits an existing page or a unique URL.
  7. If you chose existing page, select the page to use from the dropdown that appears.
  8. If you chose unique URL, enter the URL the customer dill visit to apply the coupon, and select an existing page on your site from the Page Redirect dropdown menu.
  9. (Optional) Enter Products to add to cart when the Discount Link is visited
  10. (Optional) Select Defer Apply if you'd like the coupon to be applied only once the customer's cart meets the coupon's requirements.
  11. Select Update to save changes.

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