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Here’s how to find a domain.

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Enter words describing your business or idea.

These might be your name, location or industry. The best website names are catchy and memorable, so don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity.


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Domain name registration is pretty easy and only takes a few minutes. When you’re all finished, you’re free to start using your new domain names.

How to handle domain availability.

Our domain name generator might be the best one out there, but even it can’t help if a domain is already taken. Let’s look at a couple strategies for getting the perfect available domain.

Get smart with synonyms.

Try using variations of a word you want in your domain to get more options. For example, if you want a domain that includes mechanic, also plug in closely related words like repair or automotive.

Mix up word combinations.

Let’s take another look at that domain for mechanics. If you can’t think of any catchy synonyms, you could still dream up a few word combinations that mean the same thing, like fix cars or auto shop.

Once you register a domain, take the next step.

With your ideas and creativity — and our domain name generator — you’ll have a great domain before you know it. But what comes next? Let’s take a look.

Use your domain for a business name.

Once you have a domain you love, consider using it for a business name if you don’t have one already. If you’d rather start with a business name, we’ve still got your back. Take a look at our Business Name Generator.

Start building your brand. 

Using your new domain for a website is a great idea — but keep going. With domain-based Professional Email, you establish greater credibility and reinforce your new brand with every message you send.


How does the domain name generator work?

The inner workings of our domain name generator tool are pretty complicated (not to mention top secret). What we can tell you is that it’s a combination of some extremely powerful software, some ridiculously smart people and our 20+ years as the world’s leader in domain names. 

How much does the domain name generator cost?

Well, it cost us a small fortune, but for you we made our domain name generator free to use. Fire it up as often as you like and get a domain that you absolutely love. In fact, once you learn how to find a domain, go ahead and let others know about our domain name generator. 

How do I decide which domain to register?

If you like more than one domain, the smart move would be to register them all. That’ll let you take your time deciding without the risk of someone else swooping up the one you really want. Once you have a handful of website names you like, ask around. Conduct an informal poll with friends and family to get other people’s opinions on which one you ultimately use. 

What if I can’t find a .com that I like?

Don’t stress. Your domain name search isn’t over. Today there are hundreds of extensions (called gTLDs), so you’re sure to find one to use for your perfect domain. Another cool thing about our domain name generator is that it also works as a domain checker, so it’ll never suggest a name that isn’t actually available to register. 

Will other domain extensions affect my SEO?

Not at all. Every gTLD suggested by our domain name generator carries the same weight with search engines. The most important thing is finding a domain name you love, registering it, and then putting it to use. If you’re really focused on SEO, we have tools that can help with that in our Digital Marketing Suite.

Are there rules for registering domain names?

Once in a while. Some domains are reserved for certain types of organizations or folks residing in a specific city, state or country. Another rule to keep in mind is that some of your contact information must display publicly in the WHOIS database. But don’t worry. You can always opt for Domain Privacy & Protection when you register your domain name