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Get the perfect domain — even if it's not available.

From startups to Fortune 100 companies, GoDaddy is the leading domain broker worldwide.

Just $69.99 per domain, plus 20% commission^

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We’re the global leader in domains.

With over 100 domain brokers, 84+ million domains under management and partnerships with the leading domain registrars, we know how to get you the domain you want.

Us Ca Domain Broker Our Domain Team Is Unmatched

Our domain team is unmatched.

Our team of brokers across the globe, with expertise in their regions, negotiate on your behalf to get you the lowest price.

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Peace of mind with every domain.

We keep your identity anonymous ensuring you won’t overpay and your plans won’t be revealed. Once the deal is done, we discreetly and securely transfer the domain.

How it Works

  • When you purchase the service, a dedicated broker will help you formulate a strategy and budget to try to acquire your domain.

  • They go to work with the domain owner, trying to get you the lowest possible price. (Don't worry, your identity remains confidential.)

  • If the owner agrees to the sale, you'll pay the negotiated sale price plus a 20% commission. Then the domain is securely transferred to you. GoDaddy handles all the steps of the transaction, giving you peace of mind.

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We'll help you find the perfect domain.

Finding the perfect domain name can sometimes be difficult, but our Brokerage Team can get you the right one to propel your brand forward. We have millions of domains for sale, so you have no shortage of options. 

Take their word for it.

We've secured thousands of hard-to-get domains for our customers.

"Highly experienced.”

From the first communication, the process was explained in detail. The Broker understood the process and was able to negotiate the best possible outcome for our business.


They didn't just try and find a way for us to spend the most money, they actually worked with us to get the best price possible.

"Hassle free experience."

The Domain Broker was professional, prompt and understood the business requirement accurately. This allowed us to engage in effective negotiation, facilitating a smooth transfer.

Olivia F.
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