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Migrate my WordPress site manually

Note: If you're moving a WordPress site from, you'll need to use alternative steps (Move my site from
Required: You'll need the following to complete all steps in this series:
  • A destination WordPress site that is set up and working to move your site's content into. The contents of this WordPress site will be overwritten.
  • A file transfer protocol (FTP) app to move your site files. We recommend FileZilla.
  • If your WordPress site is hosted in a Managed WooCommerce Stores plan, you'll need to set up SFTP access before you can connect with an FTP app.
  • A text editor to make the final edits to your site's configuration file, wp-config.php. We recommend Notepad++. Do not edit these files with a word processing application like Microsoft Word.

Moving a WordPress website manually can feel daunting, but it's not as complex as it sounds. Once you understand the major parts that need to be moved, and where you need to move them, you should be able to do it on your own.

The major parts of a WordPress site are:

  • Core files: These files are the PHP and related source files that WordPress is made of. In a migration, you typically move one WordPress install to another; so the core files will already exist at the destination and they don't need to be moved. These files are in the wp-admin and wp-includes folders. You'll leave these folders behind.
  • Site files: Your site files are the PHP and related files that support the look and feel of your site. Your theme, plugins, and other media are part of this group of files. These are in the wp-content folder, and you'll move this folder during the migration.
  • Database: The database is where your site settings are stored. You'll need to move this as well.

Note: If you're moving a WordPress site into a Managed WordPress plan, the auto-migration tool built into the platform will save you time and effort. If you're unable to move your site with the auto-migration tool, continue with this article series.

Follow these steps to manually move your WordPress site:

Download your site files

You'll start by downloading your site files with an FTP app.

Export your database

Export your database through phpMyAdmin.

Upload your site files

Upload the site files to your new WordPress site using an FTP app.

Import your database

Import your database into your new WordPress site with phpMyAdmin.

Make final edits

Finish the migration by editing your WordPress site's configuration file.

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