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Review email spam issues on your server

All of our servers have the ability to send mail by default, but the server can also be used to send SPAM without your knowledge. This is typically due to a compromised email password or with a script on your site(s).

Signs of a SPAM issue

  1. Your daily amount of allowed outgoing email relays (5000 by default) is regularly being reached.
  2. You can't send mail at all, and receive bounceback messages like "Message Delivery Failure" or "Access to this mail system has been blocked."
  3. The outgoing mail queue in WHM Mail Queue Manager or Plesk Mail Queue is full or not processing.


SPAM can quickly bring your business to a standstill. If you think your server is sending SPAM, it's important to quickly identify, resolve and prevent any further issues.

Find SPAM senders in WHM
Find SPAM senders in Plesk Linux
Find SPAM senders using Postfix with SSH
Find SPAM senders using Exim with SSH
Find SPAM senders using Mailenable with Plesk Windows
Enable PHPMail Logging using WHM
Enable PHPMail logging in Plesk Linux
Enable PHPMail logging in Plesk Windows
Prevent SPAM issues on your server

GoDaddy Hosting Services

Our server experts can audit your mail and website logs to help identify SPAM issues, fix problems such as a compromised password, and recommend changes for any issues we cannot address (like securing a contact form). Our GoDaddy Guides are available if you want to learn more about this service.

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