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Statement of Support – GoDaddy Dedicated Pro Program

Please review the full Statement of Support to learn more about available support for additional products and services.


  • Purchasing or renewing GoDaddy products in your or your client’s account
  • Setting up GoDaddy products in your or your client’s account
  • Enrollment into the Pro Program
  • Explaining your Pro Dashboard features and benefits
  • Explaining how to set your brand
  • Explaining how to publish/disable your profile publicly
  • Explaining how to add clients
  • Explaining how to archive/unarchive clients
  • Requesting/setting/revoking Account Access permissions
  • Assisting with Account Access delegation that allows for the Pro to manage the client’s account/products
  • Explaining how to add notes to a clients card
  • Building/sending a cart for a Pro client
  • Explaining the Activity Feed
  • Explaining how to add/remove a site to Site Monitoring
  • Explaining what the Site Monitoring alerts mean
  • Explaining how to configure notifications for Site Monitoring
  • Showing you the steps to use our products
  • Diagnosing connection or access errors
  • Making sure our systems and architecture are up and running

Not Supported:

  • Creating websites (naming, drafting, building, publishing)
  • Adding content to your or your client’s websites
  • Adding database/email accounts/web applications
  • Adding third-party applications to your or your client’s Website Builder
  • Configuring and customizing your application settings
  • Drafting and publishing content
  • Naming your business
  • Creating your brand logo
  • Creating client leads
  • Troubleshooting network connections

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