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Tips for setting product prices in the reseller storefront

Adjust your pricing to find what works best for your customers, and offer discounts or special promotions to bring customers to you.

How do I calculate my profit?

Your profit is the number of units sold x the amount you charge over the wholesale rate – the cost of your reseller plan.*

Here's an example using real numbers:

  • Let’s say you purchase the Basic Reseller plan for $107.88/year (compare plans and pricing). Now imagine that you charge $90.00/year for a hosting plan that has a wholesale rate of $65.00/year. For each plan you sell, you make $25.00 profit.
  • If you sell 10 plans, the amount you earn would be: 10 (the number of plans) x $25.00 (amount over wholesale rate) - $107.88 (your reseller plan) = $142.12*

Note that this example includes one product. You most likely sell a variety of products in your reseller plan and your existing customers are likely to renew their subscriptions each year. Your profits build and increase as you acquire new customers.

Tips for setting your prices

A customer’s initial purchase is usually just the beginning. Once you've established customers, their monthly or yearly product renewals can account for a significant portion of your commission. There are various pricing strategies you can use to build and expand your business:

  • Create promotion codes to reward loyal customers and to grab the attention of new customers.
  • Attract customers with discounted introductory prices for new purchases. Once established, they might be more willing to pay a higher renewal rate in the future.
  • Opt in to our current promotions under Marketing > Promotions in the Reseller Control Center. These automatically offer various discounts on products targeted to your customers.
  • Set prices according to your target market. Tech-savvy customers might know about the market, which means it’s wise to keep your pricing competitive. On the other hand, if your customers are beginners, they might need more assistance from you - so a higher retail markup can ensure that you’re paid for your time and effort.
  • Tailor your product pricing to encourage multiple product purchases. For example, you can sell domains at a higher price, and then offer other supporting products (like Website Builder) at a discount.
  • Experiment! It’s easy to change your pricing. If something doesn’t seem to be working, you can always adjust until you find a price that customers respond to.
  • Talk to other resellers in the GoDaddy community to see what works for them. There are also blog posts in the GoDaddy Garage that might provide insight, ideas and direction.

*As of August 25, 2021, processing and transaction fees no longer apply.

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