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Unblock ports required for my Gen 4 server

Required: You need to enable admin access to follow these steps.

For smooth operation of your Generation 4 VPS or Dedicated Server, port 2224 is open by default when a server is provisioned. If server events don't complete because port 2224 gets blocked, unblock the port and try again after 15 minutes.

  • For Windows servers, unblock the port using Windows Defender Firewall.
  • For Linux servers, follow the steps below to use firewallD to unblock ports on the server. If you're using a different firewall utility, you may need to change this sample code.
  1. Connect to the server via SSH. For help, see Connect to my server with SSH (Secure Shell).
  2. Run this command:
    sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port=2224/tcp
  3. Run these commands:
    sudo firewall-cmd --reload
    sudo firewall-cmd --list-ports
    The second of these two commands verifies that the port is unblocked.

Nydus and Port 2224

Nydus refers to a pair of agent applications (nydus-ex and nydus-ex-api) running on your server that communicate with the server dashboard, providing resource metrics and performing server operations you've requested. The agent listens on port 2224.

Because the server dashboard and upgrades rely on Nydus, blocking port 2224 - or removing Nydus from the server - stops these features from working.

If Nydus components are removed, you need to restore from a backup that was saved before you removed those components. If you don't have such a backup file, follow the steps to rebuild the server.

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