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Why do I need SSL with WooCommerce?

Note: If you are using Managed WordPress Ultimate or Ecommerce hosting, your SSL certificate is included and will be automatically installed for you. For Managed Wordpress Basic and Deluxe, you'll need to purchase SSL separately, then activate from your product's settings.

An SSL certificate enables a website to use HTTPS by verifying the authenticity of the website and the identity of its owner.

When you have an SSL certificate installed, visitors will be able to visit your site via HTTPS, which shows the visitor that the website data is encrypted and that their sensitive information is protected. This will inspire trust and show your users that you value their privacy.

For ecommerce stores, we strongly recommend using HTTPS for these reasons:

  • To comply with privacy and security requirements. Many payment gateways requires a valid SSL certificate.
  • SSL certificates protects your customers' sensitive information when data is being transmitted or accepted.
  • For secure logins and signups on your site.
  • For customer trust.

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