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WooCommerce custom order status settings reference

Creating a custom order status can help to keep your orders neatly organized. In this article, we'll go over the various different settings that are available when creating a new custom order status.

Custom order status settings


This field defines the name of the order status that will be used anywhere that the order status is displayed.

Custom order status names are limited to 35 characters.


The custom order status' slug is its digital identifier. Similar to WordPress post slugs (used in permalinks), it's used for things like URLs or raw data, such as API results.

If the slug is left blank when creating a new custom order status, the order status name will be used to generate the slug.


Optionally, you can write a description for your custom order status. This description will be shown to your customers when displaying the order status, such as within order status change emails.


Assigning a color to your custom order status will change the background color of the badge when shown. By using color to denote different statuses, they can be easily recognized at a glance.


Selecting an icon that reflects your order status makes it easier to recognize at a glance. Here, you can select from several included icons or upload your own.

If you don't select an icon, areas where an icon would normally be shown, such as within your order list, will be replaced with the status name.

Action Icon

This icon will be used when displaying actions that transition an order from another status to this custom status.

Next Statuses

Creating a good workflow to transition from one status to another is an important part of running an efficient store. In this field, you can select the other possible statuses that this custom order status can transition to.

Bulk Action

Enabling this option will add this custom status to the Bulk Actions list for performing actions on the order listing page. By default, the option is disabled.

Include in reports

Enabling this option includes the custom order status when generating order reports. This setting is enabled by default.

If disabled, any orders with this status will be excluded from reports.

This setting determines if orders with this status will be considered as paid or unpaid.

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