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Move my Microsoft 365 email away from GoDaddy

There might be a need to go to Microsoft directly or another Cloud Solution Partner (CSP), such as to add additional products or features not included in plans from GoDaddy. While we're sad to see you go, we're here to help transfer your email to your new provider.

If you're moving to Microsoft directly, contact our GoDaddy Guides for help.

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The move process

When you want to move your email organization away from GoDaddy:

  1. Confirm your email accounts are active and don't expire within the next 5 business days. During this time, GoDaddy remains your email provider.
    • If you have multiple domains in one organization, all associated domains will be a part of this move. If you aren't sure which domains are linked, please reach out to a GoDaddy Guide.
    • Barracuda Networks is our Email Archiving provider. To move archived content directly to Barracuda or another provider of Barracuda, create an account and notify them of your intention to switch from GoDaddy. (You can also download and export archived email from Email Archiving instead of moving providers.)
  2. Contact a GoDaddy Guide to request the move.
  3. We'll create a ticket for your move request.
  4. Within 5 days, we'll email a temporary password to the email address on file for your GoDaddy account. This email can't be an email address that's moving away from GoDaddy during this process.
    Note: While it can take up to 5 days to receive the temporary password, you might receive it within 24 hours.
  5. You'll need to sign into the existing tenant at Microsoft directly using the temporary password we send you.
    • All admin email addresses will have their password changed to the same temporary password.
  6. Purchase the plans you need to continue service with the new provider. Please note if you purchase plan types different from what's already on the organization, you'll need to license the users with those new plans.
    • When purchasing licenses, you might still see the option to purchase from GoDaddy, as well as from Microsoft.
    • During this time, you should only purchase licenses from Microsoft or another Microsoft 365 reseller.
    • If the purchased license is different from the original license, you will need to remove the GoDaddy license from that user before assigning the newly purchased license.
  7. After your request to move is completed, you'll need to decide what to do with your Microsoft 365 email plans from GoDaddy:
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Requirements to move

Before moving your Microsoft 365 email away from GoDaddy:

  • You must be able to validate your GoDaddy account.
  • The email associated with your GoDaddy account cannot be the email address moving away.
  • Your email plans must be active and not in a suspended or failed billing state.
  • You must be able to specify what is happening with your archiving plan, if applicable.
  • If you want to keep any email quarantined by Advanced Email Security from Proofpoint, you must release it.
  • You must review the move questions with a GoDaddy Guide.
Required: If you have Advanced Email Security from Proofpoint, update your MX records before moving away from GoDaddy to maintain mail flow. If your domain has hyphens or special characters, or you're not sure how to update your MX records, contact a GoDaddy Guide.

Delete MX records and, replacing them with [yourdomain-com] (replace "" with your domain). For example, if your domain is, your MX record will be:

  • Host Name: @ or blank
  • MX Value:
  • Priority: 0 or lowest available
  • TTL: 3600 seconds
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Move questions

Our GoDaddy Guides will review the following with you to prepare for the move:

  • Is your contact email address not part of the organization being moved?
    • The email address in your GoDaddy account must be separate from the email organization moving away. We'll reset passwords for admins in the organization, so you'll need a different email address to access the messages we'll send you.
  • Are you using any email add-ons?
    • If there are any email add-ons, those services are deleted as part of the move. Email Archiving, provided by Barracuda, is the exception. If you want to move your archive, you'll need to notify your new email provider that you're moving archiving to them.
    • Note: GoDaddy will move your archive to your new archiving partner as part of this process. You must complete the move to the archiving partner before the email organization can move away.
  • Do you agree to move the organization to Microsoft directly or another CSP?
    • GoDaddy will no longer have access to the organization and can’t provide support after the move.
    • Available plans and pricing at Microsoft or another CSP might not match GoDaddy’s available plans and pricing.
    • The organization can't move back to GoDaddy once it has moved away.
  • Do you understand that all passwords must be changed for users in the organization?
    • GoDaddy will provide a temporary password for your admins, which you're notified about in the ticket we create.
    • Admin users will need to sign in at Microsoft using the temporary password. Once signed in, admin users can set passwords for all other users.
    • You can no longer use the GoDaddy sign-in page to access Microsoft 365.
  • Do you understand that you'll need to buy new email plans to avoid a lapse in service?
    • GoDaddy will notify you by email when you need to buy new plans from the destination CSP and assign them to users as needed. 7 days after the addresses are deleted in our database, GoDaddy will remove our plans from the organization and end our relationship with the organization.
  • Why do you want to move your email away from GoDaddy?
    • Please explain your reason for moving your email away from GoDaddy. Your response is optional, but we appreciate your feedback since it helps us improve our product offerings and functionality in the future.
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