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Recover an email deleted from trash

If you deleted an email from your Trash folder, you can recover it and move it back into your inbox. (If you're just trying to recover an email that's still in your Trash folder, select the message, and then select Move to add it back to your desired folder.)

  1. Sign in to your Webmail. Use your Professional Email address and password (your GoDaddy username and password won't work here).
  2. On the leftmost side, select Trash.
    select trash from the rightmost side
  3. Select the menu icon menu, and then select Recover Deleted Items.
    select menu icon and then select recover deleted items
  4. Select the email(s) you want to recover, and then select Move Selected Items.
    select emails you want to recover and then select move selected items
  5. Select the folder where you want to move your recovered email(s), and then select Move. You’ll see a message confirming the recovery.
    select the folder to move recovered email

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