Express your devotion online.

.love domains are a match made in heaven for the hundreds of thousands of couples worldwide who get married every year. They’re also great for anyone working in the wedding industry, including planners, officiants, DJs, jewelers, caterers, florists, graphic designers – even psychics.

  • We’re getting married! What better way to announce your engagement or share wedding details than with your own .love website? Friends and family can revel in the news, whether they’re nearby or far away.

  • But you don’t have to get married to register .love. Crazy about animals? Know everything about vintage comic books? Maybe skydiving is your thing. Whatever you live for, .love is the place to share it online.

  • Great for families, too. Why not replace the annual holiday letter with a .love website that keeps friends and loved ones up-to-date all year long? Post photos and videos of the kids, share news of impending arrivals – you name it. And if you’re looking for a special gift for your parents’ 40th anniversary, look no further. Commemorate their .love with a website.

The perfect .love wedding website.

Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding knows there’s no shortage of time-consuming tasks. While a wedding website takes time upfront, it can actually spare you later by keeping guests from pestering you for details on the big day. Here’s what to include:

  • The basics - where, when and what time. Be sure to include directions to the ceremony and the reception as well as tips on dress (cocktail casual, formal), setting (sandy, sunny, wet) and things they need to bring (cash for the bar).

  • A link to your registry. This is what most visitors will be looking for – make it easy to find.

  • Your ‘how we met’ story. This is useful for guests who may know only half of the happy couple. You’ve got a great story -- fill them in on what they missed. Use your .love domain name to continue sharing your story after the wedding.

  • An online RSVP. Technology is your friend – use it to estimate plates and drinks.

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