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Catalog App Overview: GoDaddy smart terminal

The Catalog app of your smart terminal is where you’ll create and manage your product catalog. The Catalog app is your primary partner to the Register app, where you’ll be able to sell the items in your catalog. Set up your product catalog with the links below:

  • Create catalogs: Create a new catalog so your products have a place to live. You’re able to bulk import products if you create this on your web browser, and add discounts, taxes and fees to your catalogs.
  • Create products: Learn how to add products so you can start building and processing orders. You’re able to create item variants (for products that have different options, such as T-shirt colors and sizes) and modifiers (enabling add-ons, like engraving or additional ingredients).
  • Inventory management: The Catalog app will automatically sync your in-person, online, and mobile catalogs. When items are sold, catalog automatically adjusts your inventory to help avoid overselling out-of-stock items. Learn how more about inventory management.

Check out some best practices for maintaining your catalog app.

We're always working behind the scenes to add new features and improvements to the Catalog app. View updates to the Catalog app with our release notes.

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