Changes to php.ini/.user.ini not taking effect

If you made changes to your site's PHP initialization file (php.ini or .user.ini) but they aren't taking effect, use the following information to help resolve the issue.

  1. Make sure you're using the correct type of PHP initialization file.
  2. Understand your PHP initialization file's refresh rate:
    • php.ini: This only updates when a new PHP process is created, like when a new visitor comes to your site. Visiting your own site doesn't generate a new PHP process.
    • .user.ini: By default, the system reads this file every 5 minutes, so there's no need to do anything once you've made your changes.
  3. Try getting the server to recognize the updated file. The process to use depends on your hosting account type:
    Hosting account type Do this...
    Linux Hosting (cPanel) End PHP processes in my Linux Hosting account
    Windows Hosting (Plesk) Recycle your application pool
    Web Hosting Linux Manage system process (Linux) in my Web & Classic Hosting account
    Web Hosting Windows Recycle your application pool (Windows)

    Note: It's not possible to end web or PHP processes for Managed WordPress accounts, which is why we recommend using .user.ini files instead of php.ini files for Managed WordPress.

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