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Exporting MySQL database in SSH

Servers without a control panel (such as cPanel, Plesk, or Simple Control Panel) do not have phpMyAdmin installed. To manage databases without a control panel, you need to use the SSH command line to import .SQL backup files.

  1. Connect to your server or shared hosting account with SSH
  2. Locate your database information:
  3. Connect to MySQL using the following command:
    $ mysqldump -p -h hostname -u username database > dbname.sql
    • Enter your database information:
      • -p : Password
      • -h : Hostname
      • -u : Username
      • database : Database name
      • dbname.sql : Give your backup file a name
  4. When you see Enter password:, enter your password for that MySQL user.
  5. Your database is exported to the file dbname.sql and is ready for you to download to your local computer.

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