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Finalize details and send my marketing email

Step 5 of Create and send marketing emails.

In the final step, you get one more chance to review your email content and you get to review your subject line.

Your sender details are automatically populated from your website information, but you can edit the sender name and reply email.

  • The sender name is who the email is sent from. It can be your name or your business name. It's the name that appears in someone's inbox.
  • The reply email is the address that will receive responses if someone sends you a reply.

Choose to send the email now, or schedule the email to be sent later. If you send your email at a later date and time, it will send it in the time zone associated with your account. Go to Settings, and then Email Marketing if you want to change the time zone.

The last thing to check is the Tracking Settings. By default, we track who clicks links in your email for you. After you send an email, you can see how your email performed. Check the box if you want to turn the click tracking off.

You’re finally ready to go! Select Send a test first if you'd like one last chance to check how the email looks when it's received. Otherwise, select Send or Schedule for later, and you’re done.

Give your email recipients a day or two to open your emails, and then check back on how your marketing email is performing.

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