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GoDaddy Studio Teams is being retired

GoDaddy Studio Teams is a feature that’s available in the iOS GoDaddy Studio app which allows subscribers to add up to 30 team members to collaborate on GoDaddy Studio projects. The feature will be discontinued early in 2023, but we’re giving all our Teams subscribers 6 months of free access to GoDaddy Studio PRO once their Teams subscription has expired.

Why is Teams being retired?

Teams was created by Over before GoDaddy acquired the company and renamed the product to GoDaddy Studio. It was available on iOS only and had a very small subscriber base. Use of Teams has since been declining. As such, we’ve decided to retire the feature, which will help us simplify and streamline GoDaddy Studio.

What happens to my subscription?

Your GoDaddy Studio Teams subscription will continue working until your next billing date. After that you’ll have free access to the PRO features for 6 months – no need to resubscribe until after your free 6 months’ access is over.

When is Teams being retired?

In the first quarter of 2023 we’ll remove the ability for our customers to subscribe to Teams. If you already have a Teams subscription, you’ll have access to it until your next billing date. To find your next billing date, sign in to your GoDaddy account and scroll until you see GoDaddy Studio.

What does this mean for me?

Once Teams is removed, your team members will no longer be able to:

  • Access their shared folders and the projects within those folders
  • Comment on projects
  • Access GoDaddy Studio PRO (although all members will be given a 6-month PRO subscription once we remove Teams)

What will happen to projects that are saved in my Teams folders?

All team owners will be given a copy of every non-private Teams folder and all the projects in it. Folder creators will be given a copy of all the folders they created and all the projects in these.

If a team member wants to keep a project in a folder they did not create, they’ll need to manually add the project to their personal folder.

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