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php.ini/user.ini: Not taking effect

A PHP initialization file is not always immediately recognized by shared hosting accounts' servers. Here are tips for making sure it does take effect.

  1. Make sure you're using the correct type of PHP initialization file.
  2. Understand your PHP initialization file's refresh rate:
    FilenameRefresh Rate
    php.ini Only updates when a new PHP process is created, e.g. when a new visitor comes to your site. However, refreshing your own site you recently visited does not generate a new PHP process.
    .user.ini By default, updates every 5 minutes
  3. Try getting the server to recognize the updated file. Which process you use depends on your hosting account's operating system (more info).
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    Type of hostingProcess
    cPanelEnd PHP processes
    PleskRecycle your application pool
    Web & Classic LinuxManage system process (Linux)
    Web & Classic WindowsRecycle your application pool (Windows)
    Managed WordPressManaged WordPress accounts currently cannot end their Web or PHP processes. Because of this, you cannot easily refresh your PHP settings if you use php.ini, which drives our recommendation to use .user.ini files.