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What is Premium DNS?

Premium DNS accounts offer a higher level of support and advanced features to add power, flexibility, and control to your DNS management:

  • Secondary DNS — Back up your DNS zones with a secondary nameserver so your domain names never go offline.
  • Fully Managed DNSSEC — Increase security by authenticating the origin of DNS data. For more information, see DNSSEC FAQ.
  • Vanity Nameservers — Customize your nameservers with hand-picked host names that map to our nameserver IP addresses.
  • Templates — Save time by applying zone file templates to the domain names in your Premium DNS Dashboard.
  • Reports — Crunch numbers with log tracking, mondo data retention (storage for large amounts of data), and reporting that's both flexible and customizable.
  • Admin Control — Delegate administrator privileges with ease.

To upgrade to Premium DNS, see Upgrading to Premium DNS.

What is Secondary DNS?

Secondary DNS provides redundancy for your primary nameservers. If something goes wrong with your primary (and only) nameserver set, you run the risk of requests hitting a dead end with nowhere else to go. You can back up your DNS zones with Secondary DNS (a secondary nameserver) so your domain name never goes offline.

If you manage your own nameservers and want redundancy or a backup, you can enable this advanced feature in your Premium DNS account. For more information, see Enable secondary DNS (Premium DNS).

What are Vanity Nameservers?

Vanity nameservers give your website a more professional appearance to anyone looking at your DNS.

Vanity nameservers let you use one of your own domain names for your nameservers without setting up complicated hosts or zone files. For example, if you owned, you could set your nameserver to and while still using our nameservers.

We currently only offer this feature with our Premium DNS accounts.

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