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Managed WordPress Hosting Plans & Pricing

Need fewer than five WordPress sites? See our plans starting at $5.00/mo.

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Need WordPress Hosting for a single site?

Our standard WordPress hosting plans include all the same premium site-management features. Simply join our free Pro Program and add your clients to your Pro Sites dashboard. Automation and intuitively designed features are about to make your life a whole lot easier.

As low as $5.00/mo

Do more in less time from a single dashboard.

From one dashboard you can manage updates, security features, uptime, backups, alerts, SEO settings, client reports and more.


Streamline updates

Theme and plugin updates are compiled into one list. Update everything, move to an ignore list, deactivate, do a bulk install or install an older version over the current one.

Safe updates

We create a restore point and show you before-and-after screenshots side by side before updating. You can roll-back to get you back up to specs if anything goes wrong.

Real-time monitoring

Set your own alert notifications so you know about uptime or performance issues before your clients do. Automate the frequency of security scans so you’re always up to date.

One-click migration

You can clone your website to a staging area, migrate to a new host or clone an existing site conveniently and easily. One-click migration. Boom.

Build your own

Create your own WordPress website templates or use an existing backup as a starting point for your latest creation. Personalization has never been easier.

Automate client reports

Summarize maintenance, including theme and plugin updates, security status, performance, uptime, backups, keyword monitoring, page views and more.
Create recurring revenue with maintenance plans.
How to start a WordPress maintenance business

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Sell website maintenance services to grow your recurring revenue.

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Manage all your WordPress clients from a single dashboard.

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