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Wijzig de achtergrond van mijn pagina Binnenkort

If you’ve unpublished your site, visitors are shown a background image with the words “Coming Soon” displayed. If you'd like to change that image, here's how.

  1. Ga naar je GoDaddy-productpagina.
  2. Scroll naar beneden, vouw Websites + Marketing uit en selecteer Beheren naast je website.
  3. Selecteer Site bewerken.
  4. Open the header section by selecting the cover image on your home page.
  5. Select the arrow next to Cover Media.
    Select Cover Image panel
  6. To replace your image with another one, select Change image. To open Content Creator and edit your image, select Edit. You can also replace your cover photo with a solid color.
  7. You have a few more options for editing your header image:
    • Add an overlay to reduce the image intensity by sliding the Overlay slider to the right.
    • Change a color image to a black and white version by switching on the Black & White toggle.
    • Zoom in or out of the image by dragging the Image Zoom slider right or left.
    • Enable parallax scrolling by switching the Parallax Scrolling toggle on. This technique makes the foreground appear to move over the background image and creates an illusion of depth.
    • Add an image description, which helps visually impaired visitors understand the image that's being displayed, describes the image if it fails to load for some reason, and improves your search engine ranking.
  8. Als je klaar bent, klik je op Publiceren om de afbeelding te activeren.

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