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Nada ElSharkawy

Struggling with creating your social media strategy? Wants your Brand to succeed? Afraid to take a plunge as a solopreneur? Can’t create content for your brand?

These are all common challenges that face budding entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Helping small businesses and brands succeed has been Reham Saad’s inspiration and motivation to start Happy Helper Co.

In our interview with her, Reham tells us about her company, how it all started, shares advice with small businesses, and tells us how GoDaddy has helped her business succeed online.

The face behind Happy Helper Co: Reham Saad

riham saad founder brand success

Reham Saad graduated from the archaeology department, Cairo University then started her career incorporate. She worked for 10 years in a multinational company in Egypt. She says:

Working in a multinational company taught me a lot, as I had the chance to interact with different people in various departments. I’ve grown both personally and professionally in my career.

After 10 years of corporate experience, Reham started to feel the urge to start her own project. She wanted to start her own thing and utilize her experience to help small businesses and brands succeed.

Reham noticed that many startups and small businesses launch, yet they lack the essential knowledge to sustain and run the brand. Her project focused on tackling this pain point by offering these businesses and startups the help that they need to get their brand to succeed.

Happy Helper Co. provides marketing and business consultancy to help small businesses start and grow and help discover their strengths.

She explains that Happy Helper Co. helps small businesses create a strong brand presence and achieve their goals. She also adds: “Our process is designed to empower your brand and outfit your business with the marketing tools needed to succeed.”

Helping brand succeed

Reham launched “Happy Helper” a year and a half ago, to provide startups with the knowledge needed to succeed, with a focus on “Social Media Marketing”.
Reham says:

I love helping people and giving them the opportunity to expand their small businesses and transform their ideas through social media marketing.

To help small businesses and brands succeed online, Reham started holding some online workshops. During the past year, she reached more than 80 people, then she moved to give those workshops offline.

She explains that she received positive feedback from the attendees, she says:

I believe that my workshops were successful because I was fulfilling a market need especially for small business owners who need to learn the basics of social media marketing.

Happy helper Is the place that helps people get to know what they need to grow their businesses.

And as part of her expansion plan, Reham has recently launched a consultation and educational service called: “Build business”.

Where she gets to work with entrepreneurs on their business ideas, validation of the idea, prototype, and up until launching the business.

Launching an online identity for Happy Helper Co

After launching Happy Helper Co. Reham wanted to take her business online and build a website that portrays her services professionally online. She says:

Before building my website I was looking for hosting providers online, and what I liked about GoDaddy is that it has all that my business needs in one place easily.

She says that her website-building journey using GoDaddy Website Builder was very easy and that she built her full site herself.

She explains “Everything was so easy and clear, and that’s actually why I started my website through GoDaddy a few months ago.”

Her website has helped her reach more people and a more diversified audience, which she wasn’t expecting.

As she launched her site, she started getting several emails through the contact us section on the site, which has helped her gain more leads for her workshops and projects.

The ladder to success starts with passion

Knowing your passion and what excites you is the key to growing your business and brand success.

Reham explains that there’s a big misconception when it comes to launching businesses, especially online ones, as people believe that it’s easy and that the road to success is smooth and straightforward.

Her advice to small business owners who want to start an online business is to start learning the basics of digital marketing and the tools needed.

She also suggests working with consultants or experts to help you kickstart your brand and to help achieve your goals.

She elaborates: “I believe that there is a shift in the region towards consultancy and asking for advice from the experts, and entrepreneurs need to know that working with consultants doesn’t make any less of them.”

Last year, when the pandemic started, a lot of business owners started reaching out to Happy Helper Co. asking for advice to go online and organize their business professionally.

If you’re looking for marketing consultancy or social media workshops, visit and ask how they can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.