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The JiggerDFit Story: An Entrepreneurs Journey to Health and Fitness

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Adem Asha

In the fast-paced rhythm of daily life, finding the right balance between health and a busy lifestyle can be a daunting task. Dubai-based entrepreneur Jigger Dhakan understands this best. He is the face behind JiggerDFit, a remote health, nutrition, and fitness coaching program that's changing lives globally. Join us as we delve into Jigger's inspiring journey, his motivations, the obstacles he's surmounted, and the pivotal role of his website in his remarkable fitness coaching success.


The Spark of JiggerDFit

Jigger's journey into the fitness coaching world began when he made the conscious decision to prioritize his health and well-being about a decade ago. Battling obesity, he embarked on a quest for knowledge and a healthier lifestyle. Along the way, he realized there was a gap in the fitness coaching industry – a lack of straightforward, sustainable approaches. This realization was the catalyst for JiggerDFit. He started by sharing his own fitness journey on Instagram, aiming to inspire others to embrace health and fitness.

[blockquote]“I’d often receive such polarized approaches that completely derailed my progress. That’s when I decided to do my own research & educate myself better in order to take my fitness journey in my own hands.”[/blockquote]


Within a short span of six months, Jigger had a roster of around 60 clients per month, a testament to his effectiveness as a health coach. Such overwhelming success led him to realize the need for a dedicated platform to serve his growing clientele.

Jigger from JiggerDFit with a client

The Unexpected Surge

Little did Jigger know that his personal journey would resonate with so many people.

What followed was a profound change in Jigger's life. His friends and acquaintances couldn't help but notice the positive shifts in his physical and mental well-being. Impressed by his transformation, they began approaching him for guidance on their own fitness journeys. Jigger's simple yet effective approach to health and fitness coaching struck a chord with everyone he helped. They marveled at the results and encouraged him to consider becoming a professional health coach.

[blockquote]We humans are very intelligent and I truly believe that people instantly sense if your business is adding value to them[/blockquote]


The Uniqueness of JiggerDFit

What sets JiggerDFit apart is Jigger's unwavering commitment to his clients' goals and his ethical approach. He refuses to upsell services or products that won't benefit his clients, earning their loyalty and trust. Jigger's fitness coaching clients become brand advocates, referring others to his program. This genuine word-of-mouth marketing is priceless and outshines any paid advertising.

[blockquote]I belong to a business family & the core ethos of my family business also has always been that of honesty[/blockquote]


The Birth of the Website

With the rapid growth of JiggerDFit, Jigger realized the need for a strong online presence. In 2020, he took the plunge and created his website using GoDaddy. This move proved to be a game-changer, as it not only legitimized his fitness coaching business but also attracted a substantial number of inquiries. 

[Callout]Today, nearly 30% of his inquiries come through his website, highlighting its significance in building trust with clients.[/Callout]


In an age where the digital landscape dominates, the importance of having a website cannot be overstated. While some small businesses may perceive website creation as a daunting, costly endeavor, in Jigger Dhakan’s eyes, having a website is not just beneficial; it's imperative, especially for small businesses seeking growth and visibility.

Jigger's journey has been greatly facilitated by the tools and services offered by GoDaddy. A distinctive business calls for a distinctive name, and that's why Jigger registered his domain name with GoDaddy.

Their intuitive website builder and budget-friendly pricing allowed him to establish a polished online presence effortlessly.

In addition to crafting his website, Jigger places a strong emphasis on safeguarding his clientele, which is why he has taken the precaution of implementing an SSL certificate to fortify his website's security, shielding it and its users from potential cyber threats.

Jigger CEO of JiggerDFit writing on paper

The Digital Journey

Beyond setting up his website, Jigger has also created his own members-only app. This app, coupled with his GoDaddy website, has enabled him to scale his business effectively and provide personalized fitness plans to clients worldwide. The power of technology has allowed him to see all his clients' data in an organized manner, making it easier to revise and deliver weekly plans.

Words of Wisdom

Jigger Dhakan's story is a testament to the power of passion, honesty, and dedication in building a successful fitness coaching business. JiggerDFit continues to transform lives, one client at a time, and his website plays a pivotal role in reaching and helping people across the globe. As Jigger's journey unfolds, his commitment to his clients and his love for inspiring positive change keep driving him forward.


For those starting their journey, Jigger's advice is simple yet profound: "Understand your consumer, be truthful and honest to them and your work. Rome wasn’t built overnight, and so doesn’t a fitness coaching business. It takes time, patience, perseverance, humility, honesty, and a lot more to build your business. Always look out for your customers, and they will look after you."

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