Yara’s leap of faith: From architect to a passionate yoga instructor and entrepreneur

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Meet Dubai-based yoga instructor Yara Barqawi. The talented architect from Syria who has reinvented herself as a yoga instructor and sound healer after relocating to Dubai.

Her journey of self-discovery and entrepreneurship is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. With the support of GoDaddy's tools and services in building a thriving business, Yara is now a proud business owner of Serendipity, her own yoga practice in Dubai!

Embracing change and new beginnings

Yara spent 10 years working as an architect in Syria before moving to Dubai with her family, only to find herself toiling away in the corporate world. This left her feeling unfulfilled and yearning for a deeper sense of purpose that resonated with her innermost desires.

As a mother of two, Yara took a leap of faith. She decided to take time off to care for her children.

"I decided to take some time off to take care of my kids when I went back to my physical practice."

During this time, she discovered her passion for yoga and decided to turn it into her new career. Yara started her journey as a yoga instructor seven years ago as a practitioner and has been teaching for five years. Freelancing as a yoga instructor has helped her find a healthy balance between her family and career.

Yara, founder and CEO at Serendipity with her client

Serendipity: creating a holistic experience

Yara founded Serendipity to offer a holistic approach to wellness, teaching vinyasa, beginner yoga, and deep stretching classes.

To complement her yoga classes, she incorporates sound healing using Tibetan bowls. This helps her students to reduce stress and increase inner connection.

"The vibration of the bowl will help to reduce stress, increase inner connection, and just give you the blissful experience of just being present in this busy life."

Yara the yoga instructor believes that her sound healing classes provide a much-needed respite for people living in today's fast-paced world. The classes allow her students to disconnect from their busy lives and focus on nurturing their minds, body, and soul.

The joys and challenges of teachingYara the CEO of Serendipity does a yoga pose

Yara finds great joy in her career as a yoga instructor. This is especially when she sees her students make progress in their practice. The most fulfilling aspect of her job is witnessing yoga's transformative power in her students' lives.

"When a student keeps coming to their class consistently and starts to explore the benefits. Then one day they figure out, 'Oh, I can do this!' As a teacher, this realization means a lot."

However, Yara admits that finding the right balance between her family life and career can be a juggling act. Occasionally, she has to make some sacrifices in order to maintain harmony between her personal and professional life.

Harnessing the Power of the Internet with GoDaddy

In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for any entrepreneur. Yara recognized the importance of this early on and began using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to promote her business.

"I noticed in Dubai, you have to have a presence online to get the proper exposure."

To provide a more professional and centralized platform for her students, Yara decided to create a website with all the necessary information, class schedules, and event updates. She turned to GoDaddy to make her vision a reality.

"I chose GoDaddy to build my website because it was very easily accessible. I found all the designs that I was looking for, and could build my own website by myself. It was also affordable!"

Yara's website has become the cornerstone of her online presence, allowing her to direct potential clients from her social media channels to a more comprehensive source of information about her services.

"I direct people from social media to my website because it has all the information, all the classes, and the events that they need to book, and it's easier to book through the website as well."

Yara CEO of serendipity in Dubai does challenging yoga pose

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Standing out in a competitive market

The world of yoga instruction can be fiercely competitive, especially in a bustling city like Dubai. Yara believes that authenticity is the key to standing out in this crowded space.

When you find your passion and make sure that you present who you are, being authentic to yourself, that's how you stand out.

Yara's advice for new entrepreneurs is to embrace the challenges and stay true to their passion. She emphasizes the importance of believing in the abundance of opportunities available to everyone.

Let's learn more about Yara and her journey to becoming an entrepreneur.


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"We live in a world of abundance, so there's room for everyone. Don't let the numerous offerings out there make you feel intimidated. Just do what you love."

The GoDaddy difference: supporting Yara's success

Yara's journey has been made easier thanks to the tools and services provided by GoDaddy. A unique business deserves a unique name, and that’s why Yara registered her domain name with GoDaddy.

Their user-friendly website builder and affordable pricing enabled her to create a professional online presence without any hassle.

On top of the website builder, Yara knows how important it is to keep her customers safe and that’s why she has installed an SSL certificate to keep hackers away from her website and its visitors.

Yara the yoga instructor, founder and CEO at Serendipity checks her website

As Yara continues to grow her business and help more people experience the transformative power of yoga and sound healing, GoDaddy remains a crucial partner in her success story.

"Having an online presence is very important for your exposure, to create more marketing and to reach more audience."

Yara's wisdom: a message of hope and encouragement

Yara's story is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the support of a reliable partner like GoDaddy. For anyone considering starting their own entrepreneurial journey, her advice is simple:

"Taking the first step to start your own business is definitely a challenging phase in your life. However, if you choose to put all your heart, your mind, and your passion into it, you'll definitely see the fruits of your labor."

Yara's journey with Serendipity is an inspiring one. It's a powerful example of what you can acheive by following your dreams and passion. More importantly, accelerate your business growth by leveraging the power of GoDaddy's to bring your business online, and to new audiences.

Yara yoga instructor and CEO of serendipity performs Yoga pose

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