The renowned photographer Mohamad Seif succeeds online with GoDaddy. 

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Nada ElSharkawy

As a photographer, it is very important that your work stays up to date online and offline which is one of the many reasons photographers have websites and social media accounts to display their work. In an interview with Mohamad Seif – the renowned fashion and beauty photographer – he tells us the inspiration behind his work, how he started and how GoDaddy helps him Go online and share his portfolio with the world. 

Photographer Mohamad Seif: How did it all start?

While studying advertising and working as an advertiser, Mohamad Seif had a hands-on experience in the photography process which put him on the path of photography to become one of the most successful photographers in the MENA region with a glamourous brand named the MSeifPhotography. 

What inspires photographer Mohamad Seif.

Most average Joe photographers are inspired by beauty, fashion, art, light, the moment, or even someone’s eyes. But Mohamad Seif is no regular photographer, and his inspiration sources are no regular sources. 

Mohamad says what inspires him the most is the character of the person he’s shooting. Mohamed utilizes his creative eye along with professional tools and years of experience, he manages to reflect your character in his work.  

And this is what makes his work unique and got him to shoot celebrities around the MENA region and worldwide too.   

Photographer Mohamad Seif at work shooting a model

Mohamed explains: 

There is no single project that made me become a photography star but a collection of all my projects.

How GoDaddy helps photographer Mohamed take his creations online

Before GoDaddy it was difficult but manageable to stay up to date online with other website providers. However, as Mohamad Seif’s brand grew it became more challenging. 

GoDaddy helped photographer Mohamad Seif stay up to date

That is when the GoDaddy Arabic Website Builder came to the rescue and helped the MSeifPhotography brand stay up to date online smoothly while growing. He says: 

Before GoDaddy’s Website Builder it was very difficult to stay up to date online but GoDaddy made it easier and smooth while my business and brand were growing. 

Mohamad Seif got the Domain name for his website from GoDaddy, He built his website using the GoDaddy Website Builder. To stay professional online Mohamad knew he needs a professional Email address linked with his domain name. And finally, because Mohamad cares about his customers’ safety, he got an SSL certificate to protect him and his customers. 

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