Valentine’s Day cheat sheet: Social media ideas for restaurants

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Caroline Barker

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! But don’t worry: We have you covered with a last-minute checklist of social media ideas for restaurants to set the mood for your customers this year. As couples plan their romantic night out, these simple tricks can help ensure they spend their Valentine’s night at your restaurant.

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4 Valentine’s Day social media tips for restaurants

Here are some ways to get ready for the biggest date night of the year:

  1. Create special messages for Valentine’s Day.

  2. Upload all relevant assets.

  3. Show off your products and services.

  4. Keep these social media ideas for restaurants going.

Read on to share the love for your restaurant this Valentine’s Day …

1. Create special messages for Valentine’s Day

Have you published a Valentine’s Day-themed post on social media yet? Choose a photo to show your customers what it will be like to spend Valentine’s Day at your establishment. Will you have balloons or flowers? Will you have a strolling musician? A four-course meal? Candlelit tables? Champagne specials? Show your followers what they can expect if they choose you for the big night.

Then, write three different captions for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and be sure to keep it short and sweet. This way, you can reach all of your followers across the platforms that matter most, and you’re not repeating the same content for fans who might follow you on all three platforms.

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2. Upload all relevant assets

If you’re running a Valentine’s Day special or have a prix fixe sweethearts menu, make sure you’ve uploaded it to your website and social media pages and have called attention to what will be different or exciting this year.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to add your holiday hours to Google and Yelp so your customers know when they can come by for their special night.

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Social Media Ideas For Restaurants Sweethearts Sitting On Couch

3. Show off your products and services

Valentine’s Day diners will likely be searching for just the right spot to spend this special day. Make the most of this opportunity by showing off what you do best.

Include plenty of photos of food and drinks

It might sound simple, but posting high-quality photos of what your restaurant offers is a great way to get more people in your door. You can add Valentine’s Day elements like red roses, chocolates, red wine and doilies to the photo to really show your followers that your restaurant is in the spirit this year.

Whatever photos your post, make sure that they:

  • Are focused, well-lit and well-framed
  • Include details (like menus, napkins, and cocktails)
  • Include human elements (like hands and faces)

Pro tip: Never underestimate the power of natural lighting (take shots near a window or outside), taking the photo from above, and using portrait mode on your smartphone. It adds a professional element that will make your photos stand out.

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Ask questions

Ask fans of your page Valentine’s Day questions like: “Sweet or savory dessert?” Or “What’s your favorite love song?” You can even get creative and use your followers’ favorite songs in a playlist, then share that on your Facebook and Twitter pages. These questions (and your responses to them) are a great way to start conversations and get new and current fans engaged with your restaurant’s content.

Social Media Ideas For Restaurants Red Dessert

4. Keep these social media ideas for restaurants going

Remember to check on the activity on your social pages this month. While some consumers start shopping around for dinner ideas as early as three weeks before the day, there’s a huge spike in spending the week of Febuary 14. Customers might be trying to contact you on Facebook or Twitter for reservations, or sending messages on Instagram to ask for special requests during their dinner date, so keep up with your channels to show your excellent customer service online.

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Wrapping up

Consider implementing these social media ideas for restaurants to ensure your customers are falling in love with your business this Valentine’s Day. Engaging with your local community online will help drive customers to your business for drinks or dinner on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year.