7 inspiring businesses led by female entrepreneurs – supported by GoDaddy and Crowdfunder

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Thomas Costello

At the start of 2018, GoDaddy and Crowdfunder launched ‘What’s Your Idea.’ The crowdfunding campaign has become one of the UK’s largest funding competitions of the year. In partnership with Crowdfunder, we offered 7 female entrepreneurs a game-changing opportunity.

We challenged budding UK female business owners with new and innovative ideas to pitch us their ideas. Hundreds of entries later, we have plucked out the top 7 to start them on the path to success – with the added support from Crowdfunder’s experts!

So here are the 7 winning Female entrepreneur inspired ideas. Why not offer them your support by making a pledge?

1. Love Food. Trust Food


Whatsinit? was formed in 2015 when a period of unemployment left the founders, Temi Alanamu and Rob Renton, increasingly dependent on a processed food diet because they were cheaper and had a long shelf life. After studying the ingredients labels and nutritional content of many of these foods, they were concerned about how much fat, sugar, salt and additives these foods contained. So they collaborated with health professionals to build an app that tells you what’s in your food and whether or not you should eat it based on your dietary requirements.

Now Whatsinit? is making it even easier for everyone to understand food labels and change their diet with just one click.

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2. Optiat


Did you know that there are so many wonderful natural ingredients which are going unused today?

Optiat was born to rescue these unloved, unwanted ingredients and continue to develop skincare products from them. For this new range, Optiat has partnered with Henny and Joe’s to collect the brewed chai spices that have been used to make their chai tea syrup. By the time the chai production process is over, the spices are no longer needed yet they still smell amazing!

All are vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable and 100% natural.

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3. Bella Moon


BellaMoon is an award-winning multi-functional breast-feeding bed, co-sleeping-pod, pregnancy pillow and infant support which provides comfort to exhausted parents. It is designed to help mothers prolong their breastfeeding journey whilst gaining greater rest, comfort and peace of mind.

BellaMoon is trademarked internationally and the product is patent pending. In October 2017, BellaMoon beat 2000 entries to win 1st prize in the National Final of the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards. Bellamoon has been independently tested and will be launched in September 2018.

With a strong global marketplace, BellaMoon’s mission is to allow parents throughout the world to nurture and rest.

Donate to the Bella Moon fund here



REFUGYM aims to provide physical activities, in the form of a mobile gym, to camps and accommodation centres housing refugees throughout Greece in order to help address mental health needs of refugees.

Support the REFUGYM project here

5. Laura Zabo - Sustainable Fashion


ZABO is a sustainable fashion accessory brand that creates handmade, cruelty-free and eco-friendly goods - from reclaimed bicycles, car tyres and inner tubes.

These up-cycled products provide high-quality accessories to the eco-conscious market whilst providing a positive impact on the planet.


6. Purely Plantain Chips


Did you know that 6 billion bags of potato crisps are eaten every year in the UK?

Purely is bringing a Revolution to the British snacking industry. In 2017, Purely launched the first premium plantain chips brand as an alternative to the traditional snack on the go!

Plantains, the savoury relative of the banana family, are 30% less fat, ethically sourced, vegan and Gluten Free.

So, if you are looking for a guilt-free and tasty snack, why not Pledge here

7. Country Bumpkin Yurts


Lara and Jen at Country Bumpkin Yurts are launching a canvas café; a countryside café under canvas on an award-winning farm on the edge of Market Harborough.

Natural rustic luxury is our vibe. Visitors and guests of the glamping site will feel like they are eating outside, inside. We are passionate about using (and showcasing) produce from within a 10-mile radius of the café and to serving food that is organic, free range and good for us. As a quirky café and events venue, we will be creating an experience unlike anything else.

Looking for a quirky experience? If so, why not lend your support here 

Thank you!

Thanks for reading, we and all of the winners really appreciate it! We hope you’ve been inspired to support at least one of these great campaigns.