Hit the top of your game with the Business of Performance tool-kit

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Will Stevens

What do elite athletes and business owners have in common? The desire to reach the top and stay there.

That’s why GoDaddy has launched the free Business Of Performance tool-kit to help you succeed by adopting the habits of elite athletes and top entrepreneurs.

We already know the challenge’s you’re facing. New research by GoDaddy has found that many microbusiness owners in the UK struggle with the three Peak Performance Principles of sleep, diet and stress.

In fact, this group gets just 6.3 hours sleep a night, almost an hour and a half less than the average person in the UK. And the majority of microbusiness owners get less than the recommended seven hours a night, with 53% of them saying they sleep for six hours or fewer.

Poor diet (32%), low energy levels (31%) and the inability to concentrate for a long period of time (58%) could also be holding microbusiness owners back from fulfilling their full potential.

Professor Greg Whyte OBE, world renowned sports scientist, physiologist and former Olympian said:

“It’s concerning that so many business owners are struggling to get enough sleep, eat the right foods or to decompress. In simplicity, the Peak Performance Principles are to rest, refresh and refuel in the right way. That’s exactly what GoDaddy’s new Business Of Performance training programme will help you do.”

The free tool-kit contains:

The Foundations of Performance

by Simon Squibb, entrepreneur and investor.

The Mindset of Performance

by Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams MBE and

Lucy Stone, founder of mindfulness training business

Meditation Rocks.

The Nutrition of Performance

by Professor Greg Whyte MBE, Olympian and sports scientist.

The Habits of Performance

by James Woods, Olympic freestyle skier.

Each section is designed to help you cope with the challenges you face as either a new or established business owner.

Ben Law, head of Ireland and UK, GoDaddy, said: “There are strong parallels between being an elite sportsperson and running a microbusiness. Both require vision, dedication, drive and skill to succeed.

“However, while Olympic athletes are given detailed and tailored training plans to hone their craft – containing information on everything from what to eat to when to sleep – microbusiness owners, until now, have been given no such luxury.

“GoDaddy empowers everyday entrepreneurs and we hope that through the Business of Performance training programme, we are sharing helpful guidance and continuing to provide all of the tools to help microbusiness owners to succeed online.

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