Side Hustle Case Study: From 0-Side Hustle in 60 Seconds

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Thomas Costello

A Side Hustle is all about living life in the fast lane. It’s a great way to make your hobby pay for itself.

Recent research from GoDaddy shows that entrepreneurial Brits boost the economy by £14.4 billion. The new research released by GoDaddy and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), confirms that side hustling is a growing trend in the UK, rising by 32% in the last decade.

In addition, The UK’s side hustlers make a substantial contribution to the economy, with every 1000 side hustles creating 876 extra jobs.

Surprisingly, 44% of these side hustlers are busy parents looking to pursue their passions outside of work, while one in five side hustlers are under 30 years old.

For those who Side Hustle, age is just a number. Take James Vincent-Jones and Freddy Atkins who run TheTFJJ.

At just 14, James steered into the fast lane with his supercar Side Hustle.

The venture started out as a vehicle to indulge his passion.

“I’ve always been obsessed with supercars and started by just taking photos of them,” says James.

The young side hustler recalls how he’d “film supercars and upload them to YouTube and Instagram and monetise them through Google AdSense”

James’ social following has since accelerated from 0 to 56,000 YouTube subscribers, 173,000 Instagram followers and 40 million video views. Online traction means online influence. And the supercar industry knows this.

James is now regularly approached by key players such as Goodwood Festival of Speed, Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Gaining profitable traction

“When I was younger, I had more time
to travel around and find opportunities to film, but now I have a full-time career I have to balance my time more.”

From website to social, James says his digital presence has been the key in the ignition of his success.

“Having a website is a good way to exhibit my high-resolution pictures and films to a wider audience, while also being able to make some money by selling posters and prints of some of the more popular cars.”

A fast and furious team - Meet Freddy Atkins

Freddy is the other half of the TFJJ dynamic duo. The Side Hustle wouldn’t be where it is today without the additional horsepower. James’ speciality is videography, whilst Freddie focuses in on photography. With a constant output of industry-centric content, TFJJ is in top gear.


The Side Hustle success is there if you race after it.


Side Hustle: the time is always most definitely now.

When the hour hand strikes 5, some people clock-off after a hard day’s work. Then there is the side hustler. The mover and shaker who has a burning desire to create their own business alongside full-time employment.

If you’re ready to take the first step... or the next step... toward the future you want to build, we’re here to help, every step of the way.

And we’ve got thousands of engineers and advisors hell-bent on making it happen. We’ll give you the tools to do it yourself and services that scale with you as you grow. We’re here to help you Kick Ass! And if you need a little extra help, we truly love getting your call.






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