The side hustle give away: Where’s Freddie?

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Thomas Costello

Starting today, we are giving you the opportunity to win your very own Four Inch Freddie, the side hustle of Freddie Flintoff. For the next five days across our Facebook site, we will be giving away one Four Inch Freddie a day to a lucky winner. Each of the five figurines will be on on offer to win which includes, Sporting Prowess; The Tenor, Deep Thought, Chess Champ and The Thesp. You can view them all here!

What is

Freddie Flintoff made his own way with in January 2018. The former England cricketer and current broadcaster and TV panellist added a new string to his bow at the start of the year and launched a side hustle, joining a growing UK trend of people kick-starting a personal enterprise away from the day job.

The Four Inch Freddies website depicts Freddie in several guises including his famous 2009 pose when he descended on one knee, arms spread like a rock star, after taking his fifth wicket during the second Test at Lord’s in 2009, ending England’s 75-year wait for an Ashes victory at ‘the Home of Cricket’.

How will the competition work and how can you win?

First and foremost you need to be a fan of GoDaddy UK on Facebook. If you are not already, you can do that by following the link to the Facebook page here.

Starting on Wednesday 11th April 2018, each day, we will add a new post to our Facebook page, which will be pinned to the top of our feed. The posts will show an image with one of the 5 Freddie’s hidden within the image. Within the comments section, all you need to do is tell us in what square you think the Freddie is. Winners will be announced daily.

Side hustle - ready to make your own way?

Like Freddie, do you have a brilliant side hustle idea that you are just waiting to get off the ground? The side hustle is for the dreamers who aren’t satisfied dreaming, the makers who are making their own way in life, and the movers who are moving the entire global economy into a better future.

Freddie Flintoff was ready to make his own way, are you? Start for free today!