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Thomas Costello

With the high street quieter than usual, we’re going virtual. As part of #GoDaddyShops, in the run up to Christmas, we’re shining a light on a number of our customers, giving them the chance to show off their finest products to a whole new audience. This time on GoDaddy Shops’ Virtual High Street: Ruth Bradford, owner and creator of The Little Black and White Book Project.

Ruth Bradford’s The Little Black and White Book Project creates a whole wild black and white world for little ones. The ethical business, which donates 25% of profits to wildlife charities, is the epitome of the UK’s entrepreneurial spirit. It pushes the boundaries with innovative and beautifully creative illustrations for baby and toddler development.

Research shows that black and white registers the strongest on a baby’s retina after birth. As such, presenting your baby black and white images help stimulate their brain, creating brain growth and faster visual development.

Operating in ecommerce allows me to reach customers and share my products so much further than if I had a local bricks and mortar shop. I love that I can add a lot of value by providing free downloads and content through children’s activities and blog posts to give people a reason to keep coming back! - Ruth Bradford

The Little Black and White Book Project’s product range showcases animals from around the world in black and white books, prints and flash cards.

Inspiring the next generation of animal wildlife lovers, the range appeals to newborns, babies, toddlers, preschoolers and even adults!

Black and white baby book set - choose your own

Black and white baby book set - choose your own

Storybook and board book gift set

Storybook and colouring book gift set

Animal flash cards African animals

Animal flash cards African animals

Animal Alphabet Print

Animal Alphabet Print

More about The Little Back and White Book Project

More about The Little Back and White Book Project

Ruth Bradford’s business story began back in 2016 when she was pregnant with her son. Like most first time parents, Ruth was reading up on all the things she could do to help his development when he arrived.

This is when she learned about the benefits of showing babies high contrast images. “I am passionate about inspiring the next generation of wildlife lovers from as early an age as possible by introducing lots of amazing species children wouldn’t otherwise see or learn about,” says Ruth.

Turning her passion into a business just made sense.

“I love supporting early development with high contrast images that fuel visual and brain development in the first 5 months when a baby only detects light and dark. I strive to be as sustainable and ethical as possible and strive to make sure every product I develop has longevity beyond those early months and stay with children as they grow and learn, bucking the trend for fast consumables and the throwaway culture.”

Ruth, who currently runs The Little Back and White Book Project single handedly, undertakes “everything from illustrating to packing orders and beyond”.

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