The address for storage, from data to physical.

The world is full of things that must be stored – from construction equipment to prepackaged food to personal files. If you're starting a storage business, we've got great news: You won't need to settle for a generic domain that says nothing about what you do, because now there's .storage. It’s the perfect domain for the businesses, trade associations and groups that make the storage industry run.

It's a great time to be in the storage business.

Everyone needs a place to put their stuff, and when it comes to storing digital files, the global cloud storage market is the place to be. Renewable energy storage is poised for rapid growth as well, thanks to falling technology costs and government reforms designed to decrease the world's reliance on fossil fuels. A .storage domain is the perfect way for these businesses to promote their services. What you put on the other side of the dot tells customers what type of storage you provide.

Many other businesses can benefit from this distinctive domain name as well. Climate-controlled, self-storage, inventory, manufacturing — whatever your specialty, a website is key to promoting your business. Why not get a web address that actually makes sense for what you do?

Dot storage domain names offer many advantages:

  • Better chance of getting the name you want. Many companies search through the older, established domains only to find the web address they want is already taken. Since .storage fills a specific need, there's a higher chance you'll get the name you want.

  • More qualified web visitors. A .storage domain will help your site stand out from all the other websites, telling future customers exactly what you offer — long before they reach your website.

  • A shorter web address. Any company with "storage" in its business name will likely have a shorter web address, since "storage" will appear on the other side of the dot.

Claim your space.

Take advantage of rising global demand with your own .storage web address. It's easy to remember and instantly recognized. Already have a web address? Register the .storage version of it and point your new domain to your primary website.
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