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Add or replace a photo on my website

Great photos encourage visitors to explore your site, and you have access to a huge library of royalty-free images, searchable by keywords. You can also upload your own photos, formatted as .png, .jpeg/.jpg or .gif. Animated .gif files will not work. While files can be as large as 30 MB, smaller files load faster on your site.

Note: To add or change product photos in your Websites + Marketing Online Store, add or modify a product.

  1. Перейдіть на сторінку продукту GoDaddy.
  2. Прокрутіть сторінку вниз, розгорніть пункт Websites + Marketing і натисніть кнопку Керувати поруч із вашим сайтом.
  3. Виберіть Редагувати веб-сайт або Редагувати сайт .
  4. To add a new photo, you'll first need to add a section that uses photos, such as a content section, a photo section, a quote section, etc. Your new section will start with stock photos based on your site business category.
  5. Щоб замінити наявне фото, виберіть його. У правій області натисніть Змінити зображення.
  6. Note: To change the image in your header (the very first section on your Home page), select your header then select Cover Media.
    Select header, then Cover Media

  7. Select from recently added images, royalty-free stock images, collections, social media images and more. Once you've chosen your image, select Insert.
    • To find stock photos, use the search box in the upper-right corner. This finds images based on keywords in both your own uploaded images and thousands of stock images.
    • Щоб додати власні зображення, перетягніть їх до цієї області або скористайтеся кнопкою Огляд.
    • Scroll down to see more options, such as images from your social media accounts or your media Library.
  8. If you like, you can edit the photo. Remember to add an image description to help with accessibility and getting found on search engines.
  9. When you're finished editing, select Done.
  10. Publish your site to make the changes live.

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