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Delete My Credit Card Details - ask for another payment method for renewal.


1). I have created an account on go daddy and bought some products using my credit card. Now I have to hand over the account to my client so I need to remove my credit card details from this account's payment method. When I try to delete it at ask for another  payment method for renewal. I have did't schedule any renewal but still its insisting and not allowing to delete without adding another one. Please suggest a solution.

2). What is meant by cancel renew?

Community Manager

Hi @MuhammadKamran. Thanks for posting. "Cancel renewal" is an option you'd use on your renewals page to disable automatic renewal for a product. It's not possible to remove all payment methods from an account if there are active products within it. Our system isn't really set up to transfer an account from one person to another. If that's something you need to do, you can try adding the new account holders payment method and associating it with the products in the account before removing yours. I hope that helps. 


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