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I keep paying on renewals but the product information is not updating properly

I just checked my payments information on my annual domain purchases and SSL purchases.  I show purchase as recent as two months ago in the amount of 200.00 and just spent another 200.00 today on renewals.   I then checked my SSL information which shows my SSL is good from 2/12/2018 - 4/22/2019 but the renewals page is stating my SSL expires on 2/2019.  Are my payment receipts being acknowledged properly.  It looks like the payments are not being applied at all?!

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Unfortunately, this is a community driven support site and we don't have access to anything like your account details. In order to sort this out, I would suggest calling phone support and speaking to the billing department. They should be able to help you sort this out.

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Hi @susanf1. What you might be seeing is the renewal date vs the certificate expiration date. Those can sometimes be different depending on when the certificate was purchased vs issued. Also, if you use automatic renewal, certificates are usually renewed 60 days in advance to make sure the customer has enough time to request and install the renewed certificate. That may be what you're experiencing. If you need help with that or want further account review as @MrVapor suggested, you'll want to connect with our customer care team. 


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