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Unable to remove products from my cart

Really disgusting business practice. Unable to remove products from my cart but I can add products. The complete Purchase button is where you can accidentally click on it before you are ready to purchase. I mean, people come to your website for a specific reason. Why would you use such aggressive sales practice? The greediness makes me not want to do business with you. I should have a good purchasing experience. And this experience made me want to toss my phone because it was so annoying. I can’t.


Re: Unable to remove products from my cart

Hi @Heyhey,


Welcome to the Community. 

All items in the GoDaddy shopping cart have a trash icon to the right and below the product listing. This allows you to remove any unwanted items in your shopping cart prior to purchase. If you accidentally push the large processing button for a purchase, you can contact customer support, as most items can be cancelled and refunded. They can be reached at any of the numbers in the link below.



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