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Unable to update PayPal account - autorenew


I just discussed this over the chat window with a Customer Service agent but she couldn't fix my problem:

I moved to Germany 6 months ago and had to open a new PayPal account to use with my bank account. I don't have a credit card here, and my old PayPal account (the one associated to my domain) is no longer valid since I cancelled it when I moved. 

I cannot find a way to update my PayPal account except renewing the domain now, but if I do that, the price goes like 50% higher than it would be if just auto-renewing. 

The Customer Support agent said the Billing department could help me but the only way to contact them is via phone call and my German mobile plan doesn't allow me to make international phone calls.

Can someone help me solve this issue? Since I can only pay with PayPal or German bank account and the latter is not an option on the site. I don't want my domain to expire and I only have a couple days before auto-renew kicks in.


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Super User III

Re: Unable to update PayPal account - autorenew



Unfortunately, just about everyone that helps on this community forum is a volunteer and end-user, just like you. We can't address billing and account issues. You'll have to find a way to contact GoDaddy phone support or try to work with Live Chat personnel to resolve the issue.

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Re: Unable to update PayPal account - autorenew

Hi @virginiabalseir. Thanks for posting. I'm a little confused on what you're actually trying to do. So long as the PayPal account is still set as the payment method within your GoDaddy account, you should be able to just change your settings within PayPal if you want to fund it with a different payment method. If you've removed your PayPal account from GoDaddy or canceled the billing agreement within PayPal, that's another matter. In that case, you would be correct that the only way to add PayPal again is by completing a purchase. Also, automatic renewals will always process at the cost of the current renewal rate. Renewing early will not affect the price you pay unless you have a renewal discount code, but those are not often available. 


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Re: Unable to update PayPal account - autorenew/

Hi! Thanks for your reply.
It’s not the same account because PayPal does not allow you to change
location, so when I moved I had to create a new account. I cannot change it
or add it. My auto renew is set at 69.99 USD but if I click “Renew now” it
wants to charge 100 USD, I don’t know why but Customer Service said this is
how it works.
I was hoping someone could advice me on how to contact Billing, since
Customer Service only offered a US phone number and my German mobile plan
doesn’t let me make international calls.
I don’t have a credit card here in Germany, and I cannot add a German bank
account as payment. Customer Service could not answer what happens if my
payment fails (will I get a chance to enter a new PayPal account and keep
my autorenew price or will it just automatically expire?).
Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Unable to update PayPal account - autorenew/

@virginiabalseir I see. While it would technically be possible to get in touch with our US billing team by calling your regional number to our care team and asking for a transfer, this isn't something the Billing team would be able to help you with any differently than our care team can. I can't speak to the price you're seeing since I don't have access to your account. However, a care agent should be able to explain why the price is different. Also, you would need to add a payment method in order to use automatic renewal. If PayPal is the only method you can use, you would need to complete a purchase in order to add it. Our Billing team would not be able to circumvent that. If you don't wish to manually renew your domain, the only other option I can see would be to make a separate purchase for a new product with the PayPal account and then cancel the new product and request a refund. That would at least get PayPal attached to your account. I would check out our refund policy before going that route though. Hope that helps. 


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