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want refund of auto renewal, while helpline is taking too long to respond international calls

Hello dear

I am from Pakistan. There is no local number of godaddy helpline for Pakistan.
I called at help line as international call but they asked me to wait for 17 minutes. international calls are expensive yet its not sure that you will connect after the time told by help line ie. 17 min.
i want a refund of auto renewal of my domain
i had cancelled the domain on the same day it was auto renewed

Hi @zunnoorain, thanks for posting.

Please keep in mind that members of the Community do not have access to account or billing details, so you will need to work with Support to request a refund.

You can also try chatting with Support. Chat Support is available 5am-6pm PDT (GMT-7), Monday-Friday. Times it's available you'll see a chat link on the US-English help center pages.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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