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    My company specializes in repairing glass and would like feedback please

    Hi -- I'm Jann FItzgerald.  My company, RapidRenu, specializes in repairing glass - anything short of breaks or cracks.  We are based in San Francisco and service mostly the bay area.  We also have a product that will help prevent glass Scratches and install anit-graffiti film.


    Thank you for reviewing my site.

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    I used to own a glass and graffiti repair business in my previous life! 😉  




    => Immediately remove all the spammy keywords stuff in small print at the bottom of the page!  That will accomplish absolutely nothing other than to show we don't understand SEO and can harm your site's ranking.  The meta keywords tag is pretty much ignored as well.  Instead start a blog where you can showcase each job's before and after photos.  By describing those projects your content will be naturally SEO'd and you'll be adding to your site on a regular basis too.


    => You mention that you service basically the San Francisco bay area.  Use those geographical terms in your page headings where apropos.


    => The color scheme clashes.  Maybe stick with all blues or all greens and get rid of the red. I know color is subjective and in the eyes of the beholder but I think the combo we have now cheapens the really incredible service that you offer.


    => Your FAQ accordions are falling behind the next section headings.


    => You are a women owned business -- talk that up on the About page!  Have a photo of you and your team.  Talk about why you enjoy doing what you do.  It will help to personalize and humanize your business -- people prefer to do business with people not companies.


    => Remove the info@ link.  info@ is the first address spammers add to their lists.  The fact it is a clickable link means that address can be farmed by bots.  Increased spam galore!  Having just a form on your site allows you to garner the additional information you need to help folks more efficiently.   Retire info@ (unless it is on cards and such -- too late) and come up with something more creative that is not clickable.  Use ASCII characters to display the address so that bots don't know it is an email address.


    Otherwise you are off to a great start!  Good luck!


    HTH! 😉

    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin