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    HandymanHomeandGarden.com, Can you help me with a price for this domain name for sale?

    Hello! I need advice on a price to sell my domain name  HandymanHomeandGarden.com.  I would love to hear some input on the prices, please! It is an outrageous name, isn't it?  Please, help me! I'm thinking I can get more than $10,000. for this lovely name.

    Thank you !


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    Helper IV

    I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that domain is worth nowhere near $10,000 (unless it's an active website netting $5,000 per year). It's too long for starters, but it's probably only worth the cost of registration.


    Here is some info that might help you learn about domain valuation:


    Just for fun, I checked the GoDaddy domain valuation tool and it gives it a value of $754 which I still think is way off (the tool isn't perfect). Here is a link to the tool so you can see for yourself:


     I have bought and sold domains for years, and I have had some pretty rock solid domains sell for only 4 figures. Many others sold for less than $100 and all of my domains are shorter than yours. In fact, for comparison, I sold a 5 letter dot com domain last week for $35.



    Helper IV

    Unfortunately, that domain isn't worth anywhere near $10k (unless it has about $5k per year in net profit.)


    GoDaddy's domain valuation tool prices it at just under $800, but this is a case where the tool is off (which happens). Here is a link if you want to see for yourself: https://www.godaddy.com/domain-value-appraisal


    I am a veteran domainer and I have had many domains that I thought were worth more than they are and then I learned the market. One way to know if you have a valuable domain is whether or not people are contacting you to purchase it (I have sold many domains that were not for sale but people asked about them and made good offers).


    I would do some research in domain valuation before buying more domains. A great site for that is domainsherpa.com.


    I don't see the value for that domain being more than the cost of registration, it's simply too long.