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    How to add domain estimation value while auctioning a domain??


    I am new to Godaddy.

    Can anybody please tell me how to add the domain estimation value when I list a domain for auction??? 

    As I can see no place to put the domain estimated value figures when listing my domain in any auction category(buy now, make offer and public auctions).

    Thank you.

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    Hello thank you for reaching out.  At this time the valuation section for domains listed at Auctions.godaddy.com is limited to Expired and other non-member listed domains.  However we are working to bring expand this feature in the near future.  Please feel free to email Auctions@godaddy.com if you have any additional questions.


    Hi @JasonP, why is this not being implemented yet? probably just a simple api call to the godaddy appraisal tool at the backend to retrieve the automated valuation. Auctioners can choose to show the appraised value if they want (eg high value) or choose not to show it when it is low (then it is at buyer's discretion which is the case now). I think showing appraised value help to bring more sales especially when sellers are willing to sell at a lower price than the appraised value and also push a potential buyer to commit when there is a appraised price ressurance that he/she is paying a justified price.

    At this time it is not in the plans. We are always testing things and we have heard feedback from customers on both sides of the issue. Many do not want to have appraisals. We may add the ability to toggle them on or off in the future but it is currently not being worked on thus not something I see happening in the near term. 

    But this is unfair only expired domains are visible, how I can make auctions on my domains visible through the swarm of auctions? Also there is no option to sort by most recent auctions, there is no place showing recently added auctions, so basically my auction is totally invisible and there is no way to make it visible other than buying 19.9 premium listing!


    If appraisal was added to all auctions then at least my listed domain with high appraisal value will show up in the list.



    It has been more than a year and we are still waiting for this feature. I guess the GoDaddy team doesn't want to enable this because they want buyers to focus on expiring domains. Unfortunately it is not fair for sellers, therefore this problem makes GoDaddy an Unfair marketplace!!!