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    So...a community also includes bots now. Not cool.

    I recently learned that, not only does Godaddy make you pay for participating in domain auctions, but there are also bots bidding against you from companies like hugedomains.


    So ,first godaddy present you with an option to get a domain broker for a fee. They also make you pay to participate in the auction and then you are up against bots to win the bid???


    A community is made up of people, people who are trusting you to walk the path with them and their business. And then you pull a fast one on them when they are looking to buy a domain on an auction.


    I checked the domain I wanted and saw that there was only 1 bid. Then I bid and seconds before the end of the auction I was outbid by a hugedomains bot and now they have the domain on auction for over $3k??????


    I will be, and have already started, taking my domains elsewhere. Doing anything to make a buck is not the way to do business if it affects your customers negatively.


    it's not a community if bots are being used to take advantage of the situation.


    Have a nice life.....

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